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Best Asus Gaming Laptop Reviews

Asus Gaming Laptop Reviews: Gaming is a passion what people tend to take seriously and also provide the best out of everything they have. A gaming computer is a computer which is built especially to play games at the highest of quality and offer stunning views with high-resolution videos as well as replacement option for a gaming console. But these computers are very well the same as the once which you might find on standard computers but just have a lot more advanced graphics card and a much faster processor which makesthat computer everybody as they tend to mean only to some particular part of the crowd and also suit them the best. Here we are going to discuss about about some of the top Asus gaming laptops.

There nothing is known as the perfect gaming computer as always advancements is happening to keep raising the bar step by step to the ultimate level of the point of no return, but other keep innovation at it’s best and also make sure that the quality is just amazing all the time. However whole building a gaming computer, the builder sure needs to think it over so as to what kind is the build and as to what extent does it want it to perform.

It all come down to budget and also the individuals choice of how he/ she wants their gaming computer to look like and how should it play. They are exceptional high performance products and have no lags whatsoever in whatever task they do. Execution of tasks happen in a split second and also never crashes for no matter what the reason unless you put some virus or something to make it a corrupt machine then. However, these kinds of computers are divided into three categories namely low-end, mid-range and high-end computers looks the cost and the performance at which each one runs and delivers the data out and how well it can handle a game without any lag and at what setting can it do all this. There’s a lot that goes into all this, but it’s a vast developing world which has a lot of potentials and also has an era of making it to the top of its ability in no time at all. But then if you look at high-end gaming computer then most people believe that they are expensive, but this is all wrong as graphic card manufacturers tend to make all their profit on the low or the mid range gaming computer. It is because the high-end gaming computer is only meant for the hardcore people who take gaming as a passion while the other two are just meant for daily use.

And these tend to sell more as people buying these get the whole package for a much lesser price. But the main important part of the Asus gaming laptops is that not everyone tends to assemble like a computer but tend to build one by their own. There are two main reasons for this. The first that they are extremely expensive and not worth it as you tend to get specs for the high price you are paying. And secondly, you just can’t buy a gaming computer as you need to build on which gives you a much better feel of what’s going on in your system. It helps in keeping track of what you are doing and how much you ually price. You just need to pay for the parts as parts tend to come off cheap and also need no extra cash for its installation as everything is done by you. But even then when you look at companies they do tend to see gaming computer with way better looks and finish and with out of this world specs. These come atbut few may disagree as they would want to build their computer from scratch. But it’s a person choice of whether or not they want to buy it or do anything with it. But computer manufacturers sure do make a lot of profit on making and selling of computers as many people still buy them and prefer to have that clean look which can fit their which a gaming computer was classified on was the graphic card, processors, motherboards, memory cards, stored devices, power supply and so on.

Features of Top Asus Gaming Laptop

But let’s take a detail look into these things as this is what differentiates the best from the rest.

Graphic Card: The brain of the computer. It is responsible for the quality of the media that is playing on the display. It is the main reason what can differentiate a gaming computer from everything else. They are powerful as they need to handle ascreen. If your graphic card doesn’t work properly, there would be a lot of pixel issues and also a lot of bad whole playing a game so all thanks to this it doesn’t happen. In recent times there have been a much more advanced graphics cards which have come out like the GTX 1080 from Nvidia which is at the peak of what it does and provides the best results that nobody out that can even match up.

Processor – The main brain of the computer as every single process which goes on in the computer is handled by this small chip. It has to perform millions of calculations per sec and provide the right result. While playing a game on high resolution, the entire processor can go up to high temperaturehas to be calculated and sent to the right output for optimum results and also be at its peak as they are expensive but a long term investment for sure.

Motherboards – This is something like a house for all the inputs to the computer. Every single thing that goes in the computer is connected to this including the processor. It is because the motherboard is the main reason for every sort of operation that had to be carried out and also enables the right output to the right device without any failure or problems.

Memory – This is mainly installed such the graphic card installed in the system has enough quicker access to the ram and execute its task at maximum intensity. It is nothing but the GPU of a computer takes in a lot of RAM, and this enables it to have another sort of companion to execute its fue pace. Higher the RAM faster is the computer, lower the RAM slower the computer. So it varies a lot on what kind of ram or GPU you put inside the computer in whole.

Solid state drive – These are nothing but the storage house of the entire tend to store all the vital data which can be accessed later on but also have the ability to produce fast access rates as SSD have the capability to provide the user with a higher level of storage rate and also allow them to store all the vital data without any lag or distortion. There is another type of storage know has HDD. It is the hard disk drive. These are not that powerful as SSD, but they usually tend to get the job done no matter what and also enable that the massive Content of whatever they tend to download from the internet remain onto the computer. They are cheap regardinSSD as they don’t house that fast of a storage capacity but can come in various sizes and forms. There are a lot of factors which determine the storing facility of an SSD and HDD.

Cooling system – in a gaming computer nothing goes without saying that each and every component in the system tends to produce enough heat that can cook an omelet with no problem at all. So to cool everything down there are two types of cooling one is air cooled and another one is liquid cooled. The air cooled ones are those who combine the power of 2 or more fans that enable on Cooling down the entire system. It is effective in many ways but inefficient as they tend to not cool down in the maximum way possible. But the other kind is water cooled ones which are the application of coolants that is circulated throughout the system which extracts the heat generated and has no problem in doing this. They are inefficient as they may tend to leak and ruin the system. But then, in general, g in top notch and also keeps it all in top working condition.

Best Asus Gaming Laptops Reviews

But all this in a gaming computer is just a dream come true to  gamers, but in recent  advancements, there have been a lot of compactness of making it into the domain of laptops. But when it comes to gaming laptop which better company to talk about that Asus. ASUS gamer laptops have been known for outstanding capability and have the highest of specs and also making it the fastest and the best out there. These laptops are quick and efficient and can givetime. They are advanced in all the ways possible and also tend to be affordable at the same time. Portability of playing games anywhere and everywhere, now Life. Now looking into the best Asus laptops in gaming and what it has to offer let’s take a look the different gaming laptops that they produce and gives a top competition to the other gaming laptops out there. Some of the Asus laptop reviews are enlisted below.



When you talk about an high end gaming laptop this is the perfect product for your taste.

  1. Starting off this laptop is stunning to even look at as the entire laptop is in ay with copper accents all around.
  2. They have the ROG symbol at the back which tends to illuminate in different colors depending on the color that you want to illustrate.
  3. All this is all round the laptop and houses a 17.3-inch 1080p display with a two-tone gunmetal and black soft touch material which makes it y ports such as USB 3.0 a headphone jack, an SD card slot, an HDMI port and so on.
  4. The display itself is beautiful and stunning to look at.
  5. The entire screen is about 17.3 inches and also has a VR ready screen from Nvidia which takes it to whole new level of madness. The display promises a good 178 degrees of viewspots here n there but can’t be noticed unless and until you use a magnifying glass to check them out.
  6. The keyboard is as it illuminates in a bright red color which looks amazing with the black background. This is the only color you get but looks really amazing with the given accents.

But this was all physical features now let’s get down to the internal specs.

The laptop houses a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 GPU which is latest in the GPU world. And also gives you an 8GB of VRAM which is perfect for virtual reality gaming. All this is backed with an 63GB of RAM and two 512GB SSD which makes it the most powerful laptop available out there. They overall experience with this laptop is phenomenal as I sure its way and it can run any games for the next 5-10 years with the specifications that it has. It also has a 3 hours of battery life which might as well be enough but for the specs that it is offering, it’s way more than you can ask for. But tin the end the cost will set you back a foot as this laptop is only meant for the gamer on the go and are expensive but offering the excitement and joy of owning one and it a long term investment. With a price tag of $3500 dollars, you sure would think twice before buying this one. But if you are looking for an all round battle station then this one is the asus gaming PC perfect choice for you.



This laptop is somewhat a stealthy beast.

  1. It comes with a red and black color which sure does add a lot of beautiful looks through the entire gaming laptop. With the back having nice red stripes on the sides with the center housing the ROG symbol.
  2. The entire laptop is coated with a two-tone black and gray with copper accents all around surely making it the best that is available out there.
  3. The laptop glows to only a single color that is copper but sure looks amazing in the dark. They have several ports such as USB 3.0, a USB C port, an HDMI port, an Ethernet port and so one. Making it convenient for its use on the go.
  4. The laptop comes with a 17.3 inch full HD G-sync display which is capable of displaying the highest resolution of imaging and could bring it up to 4k.
  5. But the only drawback is that the isn’t that bright and the pixel rate is a little low but is outstanding in what it does and also makes sure that it excels in every field there is.

Now coming down to the internal specs of this laptop.

The laptop houses an Intel Core i7 chip which is overclocked ( if the name contains ROG in the laptop name, then every processor is overclocked ), 32Gb of RAM, 256GB of SSD storage and to top all that off it houses the latest from Nvidia that is the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 GPU which does the job done with no problem whatsoever. But coming down to performance they have a really good way of executing everything with no problem at all. They can handle any sort of game any run it in the highest of quality there is to offers. There is a compromise on battery life as there might be not that much of battery remaining if you play a game for 2 hours on max settings. The entire laptop is VR ready and hungry for more. And it will never let you down no matter what. But for the price you are paying you sure can expect some crazy results and is worth every buck of what you shell out for it. With a $2400 dollar price tag, some might consider buying something else but once you buy this there’s no looking back as this laptop can take in whatever is thrown at it and make the best outcome guaranteed. Asus Laptop Gaming is worth experiencing.



Looking for a laptop Asus gaming which is black choice for you.

  1. The laptop is entirely black, and also there are red stripes on the back with a ROG symbol which illuminates in red in color which looks dazzling at night times.
  2. The laptop houses a 15.3 inch hill HD 1080p display which is just beautiful to look at.
  3. There are several ports on the sides which are smart as the others, but the keyboard on this o e can illuminate in any color that you would want it to depending on your desire.
  4. The touchpad of this laptop is just magical and sensitive. So make such you don’t app too much of pressure cause the slightest of touches are Sensemachine.
  5. Well now coming down to performance the laptop has Intel Core i7 chipset which is on par with the other kinds of the gaming laptop and also is overclocked. With a 16GB of RAM and. 1TB HHD for storage, you really can’t argue in these departments as it is just mind blowing.

Also, there is a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 GPU which does some amazing work in the field of performance as this isn’t a VR ready laptop but can offer you the best experience there is to offer from again laptop point of view. Daily task on his best are a piece of cake and also while gaming you can game of 30fps a ease as 60 fps would tend to lag a bit but that’s not an issue over the long run. But at a $1000 dollar price tag the laptop is perfect for you. But I’d you have no issue with the better life which isn’t that great and only offers three mins of time while playing a game so make sure that the laptop is always connected to the power socket. but on the long run it’s amazing. So for a cheap rate than the others and want to still enjoy the world of gaming then this gaming laptop Asus will never let you down.



Looking for a cheaper Asus game laptop in the gaming community, then this is the best asus gaming laptop for you available out there. The entire laptop is based on the common people as to what they would require in a day to day Life to execute tasks as well as there isn’t any compromise on the performance in the gaming region as well.

  1. The entire laptop is in a dual tone red and black color which gives it a really interesting look. The stealthy beast has an 11-inch screen which has a 1080p resolution. This is really stunning to look at and also the best for the buck. This laptop doesn’t have VR integration.
  2. The red backlight keyboard just adds on to the beautiful design of the laptop in general and also the comfortable chicklet keys of the keyboards provide you with comfortable gaming sessions for a longer duration of time.
  3. The speakers on these are good but not great as they tend to get distorted when the sound starts to come out and the system houses dual vents on the rear to cool down the internal specs of this laptop.
  4. They have an USB 3.0 port, an HDMI port, USB type C port and with other extras as wellits usage in day to day Life. But now coming down to the internal specs of the laptop.
  5. The laptop is powered by an Intel Core i5 processor which isn’t overclocked along with a 8GB RAM. For storage purposes it comes with a 512GB SSD and to give discrete graphics it houses a Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 GPU which also is 4GB.

Taking the specs in mind, this can give the average users a taste and feels of what gaming is all about and also give them an idea of the take ofpeoplewho just want a basic gaming laptop and also suitable for day to day task as the better life is about 4-5 hours on a full charge but while gaming you Amy need to plug it in and then start to game. The laptop in general is very comfortable and can offer no stress at all for longer gaming sessions. They specs are just comes at which is $700. Under the 1000 mark the laptop does justice to the gingerbread aesthetic point of view, and if you are looking for something cheap and better, then this gaming laptop Asus is the best out there.



The looks of this Asus gaming laptop are stunning. With orange stripes on the back as well as the ROG symbol which illuminates in orange as well is something admirable.

  1. The entire laptop is coated in a black metal paint which adds a laptop.
  2. The display on this laptop is about 17.3 I chest of full HD display of about 1080p resolution.
  3. The keyboard on the other hands illuminates to only one color and that is orange. It sure does have a neon orange tint near the keyboard and also makes sit look gorgeous at the night times.
  4. The laptop has two USB 3.0 ports along with an Ethernet port, an HDMI port and soo on. Now talking about the display itself they tend to have a lot better color and a look. They offer stunning g detail and also no problems whatsoever.
  5. The entire display is a matte finish display which tends to add a gamer feel to the output of this laptop. Thanks to this the laptop had a 178 degree full resolution display which tends to have no glare issues but just vivid display at all times. The audio on this one is worth it as every detail coming out is certainly audible and also packs a punch.
  6. Laptop speakers are underrated a lot, but then this one does the job of providing a lot more than the other ones available out there. The keyboard of this laptop is just stunning to look at. They don’t have an orange tint at all times but can change from any colors they want and also go multi color which just looks awesome. This is all due to the ROG Aura core software that comes with the machine itself that makes this functionality possible. Now that we spoke about the external features let’s take a look the Internal specs of this laptop.
  7. The laptop houses an Intel Core i5 processor backed with 16GB of RAM along with an 256GB of SSD storage and an 1TB HHD storage. The graphics compartment has no compromise as this beast had a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 to GPU with 4GB of VRAM.

This is surely the best for the buck and one beast that you may find out there. Almost all the games run as smooth as butter without any lag whatsoever. They also tend to pack a powerful punch in the multi-tasking department as they tend to perform multiple tasks with no lag whatsoever. Even at the highest of setting the laptop shows no sign of laexperience in general. Coming down to the battery life of this laptop, the laptop will last you up to 4-5 hours of battery, and while gaming it’s better that you plug it in the cause within minutes it would drain out your laptop’s battery. Overall this laptop is a beast of a machine but what sets it apart is it’s ease of doing almost everything and anything for the given price.

The price is a setback as for a 1000 dollars you sure can find some better options out there. As the touchpad is quite fickle which tends to get annoying after regular use and also the design. The design of this laptop just lol really dull no doubt that the color and Asus could have done something better with it. Other than that any game you run on this laptop runs really smooth and also will not have any lag whatsoever. And for the feature that you get, it is a must buy for the individual who is looking for a cheap alternative to a gaming computer.



If anyone is looking for the perfect balance between performance and power then this is best laptop for you available out there. The entire laptop from the outside looks like a killer of beast.

  1. It is in all black tiny and also houses orange stripes at the back as well with an orange tint ROG symbol at the back. But when you open the laptop, you are displayed with a brilliant 15 inch HD display having the resolution of 1080p.
  2. This is really sleek and worth the cost as it is just flawless and a really good machine itself. The laptop, in general, is really thin, and the word thing usually design and also does the job well in the performance domain also. It has ports such as HDMI, USB C, USB 3.0 and so on.
  3. The keyboard looks dazzling as we WTH the orange backlit keys, it sure does pack a powerful punch in the aesthetic point of view. But talking about the internal specs, the laptop is powered by an overclocked Intel Core i7 chip along with this there is a 16GB RAM and a hybrid of a 256GB SSD and a 1TB HHD storage.
  4. The Nvidia which is the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 GPU which holds a good 6GB of GDDR5 RAM. All this combined it powerful statement and also is the besfps without any lag whatsoever. Even at high-end gaming in the highest of quality setting on the laptop doesn’t fail to disappoint anyone but just keep impressing them more and more.
  5. But all this has a take on the battery life as the battery can only last up to 2 hours and also isn’t that powerful if you play a game on battery alone. This need stop be plugged into the wall at all times to get the best out of the machine. The southern d of this laptop is at it’s very best as it allows the user to have a deeply, immersive experience in the sound department music. But to take an overall look at this laptop.
  6. The laptop is fast and efficient and does what it is advertised to do. It has all the specs that a gamer would require and also graphic card for the price that you pay. Along with this, the speakers are just Melody to your ears.

So there is no compromise on the entertainment aspect. But the major setback for this laptop would be its battery life. Almost all gaming laptops sure doesn’t have that good of a battery life but being a enhancement to it’s predecessor, there should have been some improvement in the battery department as well. So if you are looking for an all round gaming laptop filled with the latest and the best of everything this one is the machine for you as it will run almost everything and anything and also make sure that it never lags but goes on till you make it last.



You might get confused on seeing this beast at first as this is a sleek and unique gaming laptop Asus. This could be confused for a MacBook but then it is just a pro in the world of gaming. The entire laptop is stunning in the looks department as there is a beautiful aluminium finish to the whole laptop to maintain that sleep look of the laptop and also within.

  1. The entire laptop is a beauty to even have and houses a USB 3.0 port, an HDMI port, a SD card slot and so on. The laptop is thin and can be used almost everywhere. It is also very light and doesn’t require any extra force to lift it up.
  2. The display is a beautiful 15.6 inch HD display which has a resolution of 1080p which has now become the standard resolution for any sort of gamers out there. The display is crisp and vivid and also allows you to see details in much clarity and sharpness.
  3. The keyboard is matte black and is a chicklet this laptop. Now let’s take a look at what is powering up this beast.
  4. The machine is Intel Core i7 chip along with this there is an 8GB of RAM. For storage purposes it comes with an 512GB SSD. The graphic department has no compromise whatsoever as there is the best of Nvidia which is the Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M graphic card powered by a 8GB memory which will enhance the gaming experience to a whole new level. The performance of this laptop in gaming is on par with some of the high-end laptops

Available out there and also give you a rich and diverse experience with rip and a sharp display. The quality of gaming is outstanding and also the laptop tends to have no lags at all under Intense gaming sessions. Overall the laptop is a beast underneath it’s beautiful design. If you are looking for something much more than just going and moreover, the price will also no-hit you that hard as this is down to you whether you want a multi-functionality laptop or something with is more tied to gaming entirely.

So guys, these were the reviews about the some of best gaming laptops asus out there. Go and grab the best one for you. The buying link is also provided in the article adjacent to the names of laptops. Now, still if you have any query regarding the same you can leave a comment below we will reply to you at the earliest.

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